Celebrate Gungahlin festival sacked due to construction work

My Gungahlin has announced that the Celebrate Gungahlin committee has decided to cancel the festival this year due to light rail construction work.
This is very disappointing news for Gungahlin and the Canberra community.
As a founding member of the Celebrate Gungahlin committee, I know that this decision would not have been made lightly.
Since its inception, Celebrate Gungahlin has received significant support from the community, with thousands of Gungahlin and Canberra locals participating in the festivities each year.
I am disappointed that this government has given so little consideration to the way its construction projects impact the community. It’s no secret that Gungahlin families and businesses are struggling with the noise, dust and disruption that is a direct result of light rail construction.
Now our much-loved and celebrated community festival has been cancelled because of this government’s poor planning.