Chief Minister Disowns New Convention Centre

Shadow Minister for Business and Economic Development Brendan Smyth has today called on the ACT Labor government to clarify just who has responsibility for ensuring that Canberra has a new convention centre.

During this week’s debate where the Canberra Liberals called on the government to commit up to $10 million in the 2014-15 ACT Budget to get the new convention centre project to shovel ready stage, the Chief Minister revealed that:

“We have not taken ownership of the project nor do I believe we should…”

“This further highlights this government’s shambolic lack of commitment for this project,” Mr Smyth said today.

“In one year, the government has spent more than ten times on Capital Metro what it has spent on a new convention centre in 13 years. As a result, Canberra has missed out on essential infrastructure that will bolster our city’s economy and provide a soft landing through hard times.

“In light of this week’s revelation from the Chief Minister regarding this initiative, the question needs to be asked, whose project is this?

“The business community should be very concerned at this revelation. This is why the new convention centre is not going ahead.

“The government needs to show leadership, take charge and make it their number one priority. The greatest threat now to realising a new convention centre is the drain on the budget that is Capital Metro,” Mr Smyth concluded.