Chief Minister must guarantee SPIRE funding will remain in health system

Chief Minister Andrew Barr should guarantee that every dollar committed to the Canberra Hospital’s SPIRE project should remain in the health system, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
It follows revelations that requests have been made to draw $5 million from the SPIRE project to put into “corporate functions” within Major Projects Canberra.
Today in Public Accounts Committee hearings, Mrs Dunne will question the Chief Minister on the potential shuffling of money from the Canberra Hospital’s SPIRE project into bureaucratic functions.
“How much ACT taxpayers’ money will be taken out of the hospital expansion and put into bureaucratic functions?” Mrs Dunne is asking.
“There is already deep-seated uncertainty about the future of the hospital expansion due to a series of setbacks including logistical failures, budget blowouts, construction delays and safety concerns.
“The health system is in crisis and staff are under considerable pressure, as evidenced by the latest workplace culture survey.
“At a time when Canberrans are paying more than ever to pay off Labor’s $3 billion debt bomb, the Chief Minister needs to guarantee that every dollar committed to SPIRE will remain in the health system,” Mrs Dunne said.