Chief Minister’s threats may be in contempt of Assembly

Threats by Chief Minister Andrew Barr during a fiery committee hearing last year should be examined to determine whether the Chief Minister exerted undue influence on another member in contempt of the Assembly, Opposition Whip Andrew Wall said today.
In accordance to standing order 277, Mr Wall is calling on the Assembly to establish a privileges committee to examine whether the Chief Minister is in contempt of the Assembly for threatening other members of the Assembly during a recent committee hearing.

THE CHAIR: Chief Minister, if you can just stick to answering the questions rather than trying to make allegations.
Mr Barr: You do not get to tell me how I answer questions, Mr Hanson.
THE CHAIR: I get to run this committee and I am asking you-
Mr Barr: For the time being, yes.
THE CHAIR: Was that a threat?
Mr Barr: It is, yes.
THE CHAIR: You are making a threat to me, are you?
Mr Barr: I am, yes.
Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism, Transcript of Evidence, 6 November 2017 p28

“The Chief Minister’s threats deserves the attention of a privileges committee,” Mr Wall said.
“Andrew Barr is clearly a man under pressure. He hates scrutiny in the media and he hates scrutiny in parliament.
“Levelling threats against another sitting member for scrutinising the government is just another tactic employed by the Chief Minister to drown out dissent.
“Resorting to thuggish behaviour would be unacceptable in any other workplace.
“The Greens need to decide whether they will continue run a protection racket in support of the Chief Minister’s thuggish behaviour or whether they will uphold good parliamentary behaviour in honour of the community,” Mr Wall concluded.