Coalition Cuts Red Tape to Help Businesses

Today Senator Zed Seselja , as a member of the Coalition Deregulation Committee, welcomed action that will lessen the burden of regulation and legislation on Australians.

An omnibus bill was introduced to the House of Representatives this morning that will scrap 9,500 unnecessary or counter-productive regulations and 1,000 redundant acts of Parliament. The legislation will be debated on Wednesday 26th March – the first National Repeal Day.

“Approximately 60 percent of businesses in Australia are sole traders and 85 percent have fewer than five employees,” stated Senator Seselja. “These small business people are the core of Canberra’s private sector, but they are continuing to be burdened with unnecessary regulation which means that spent more time filling out forms than they do actually providing services.”

The benefit of National Repeal Day will save individuals and organisations more than $700 million a year, every year.

“There are important measures for Canberra businesses that will ensure they can operate more effectively and efficiently, and more specific measures such as businesses getting paid by government quicker that will greatly aid Canberrans.”

One element of the National Repeal Day will be to make credit card and debit cards the preferred payment for purchases less than $20,000. This will ensure that many Canberra businesses will get paid sooner when dealing with the government.

“The omnibus introduced today is just the first step in working towards reducing the burden the Labor Government’s put on the economy through regulation and legislation,” concluded Senator Seselja.