Today in Bowen Park, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vicki Dunne dedicated a commemorative seat in memory of Markus Gibson-Huck.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to recognise the commitment of Markus Gibson-Huck in promoting Canberra through his work as sales and marketing director at The Brassey, as well as his community and charity work with many Canberra organisations,” Mrs Dunne said today.

“Markus was involved in a number of our national institutions, as well as local community groups as diverse as Karinya House, ANCA, Pegasus and Rotary. In his work for The Brassey, Markus fostered sponsorships with a range of organisations, such as the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

“Catherine Bandle, a friend of Markus, developed the idea of erecting a seat in his memory. After an approach to the NCA was rejected, she turned to the ACT Government, which saw the two-fold benefit; firstly to recognise Markus’ contribution to the life of Canberra, and, secondly, to provide a welcome rest point for people using the area,” Mrs Dunne concluded.

“Its location, in Bowen Park, is perfect,” said Ms Bandle. “It is set on a lovely grassed area with a splendid vista out across Lake Burley Griffin. It is a fitting tribute to his love for Canberra’s beauty and the peace and serenity of the area, so close as it is to his former place of employment,” Ms Bandle concluded.

Markus Gibson-Huck died in January 2015 after a short illness.