Community sector hit with continued levy

Canberra’s community sector organisations are being squeezed as the Barr government continues to impose a levy which was earmarked to be abolished in this year’s budget, Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services Nicole Lawder said today.

“The continued imposition of the levy is putting more unexpected pressure on the community sector which is already cut to the bone. There doesn’t seem to have been any consultation on the continuation of the levy which was supposed to be a temporary levy from 2012 to 2015,” Ms Lawder said.

“The levy is supposed to fund a Community Sector Reform Program run by the government. Organisations like ACTCOSS have serious concerns about the levy.

“Furthermore, the government was unable to complete the activities in the first three years of the program and ACTCOSS now has to look at completing the activities.

“This is an inefficient levy which was supposed to be discontinued. The government needs to better consult with community sector organisations which carry out essential work in Canberra and let them do what they do best,” Ms Lawder concluded.