Corbell Admits Light Rail Costs $826 Million

The cost of the government’s ill-conceived light rail project seems to be rising by the day. Today in the Legislative Assembly, Simon Corbell admitted already allocated funding isn’t included in the $783 million figure he announced earlier this week, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

Already allocated:
$783.0m Cost announced on 15 September 2014
+ $33.9m Capital Metro Agency costs to date
+ $9.8m Staff costs (2015-2018)
$826.7m New Total Cost

“The government has already allocated tens of millions of dollars on light rail. It is deceptive of Simon Corbell not to include this money when talking about the total figure,” Mr Coe said.
“When asked in question time today whether the Capital Metro Agency costs or staff costs would be included in the $783 million figure, he replied no.

“The cost for this project has blown out again, just days after the government’s announcement.
“I call on the government to outline the actual final cost for taxpayers,” Mr Coe concluded.