Corbell Called on to Table Bushfire Documents

Shadow Emergency Services Minister Brendan Smyth today successfully moved a motion calling on the Government to publicise all resources needed to meet the objectives of the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan by the last sitting day of November this year.

The motion highlighted findings in the Auditor-General’s Bushfire Preparedness report, which found ACT Labor to be in direct contravention of the Emergencies Act 2003 for not disclosing its resource requirements to meet its bushfire preparedness objectives.

“The motion also addressed the alarming disconnect between Simon Corbell’s repeated refusal to disclose the Territory’s capability and resource requirements for bushfire preparedness and his Emergency Services Agency’s published agreement with the Auditor-General’s recommendation for disclosure.

“Simon Corbell has been on the record for citing that this information is ‘not considered appropriate for public release’.

“What has he been trying to hide all these years? Perhaps now, Canberrans will finally get the transparency they deserve.

“This is a vital development 10 years after the tragic bushfires of 2003 and the Canberra Liberals will never be complacent on bushfire preparedness.

“I thank the Assembly for supporting this very important motion and it will highlight how prepared the Territory actually is for fighting bushfires,” Mr Smyth concluded.