Corbell Fails Again On Bullying Inside Emergency Services

Despite repeated warnings from the Canberra Liberals, Simon Corbell has again failed to remedy the toxic work culture inside the ACT Emergency Services Agency. The situation has become so bad ACTAS has failed to even investigate serious bullying complaints, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brendan Smyth said today.

“Simon Corbell has lost control as Minister and now doesn’t seem to care about the welfare of employees working in the ESA. Last week a WorkSafe ACT Improvement Notice was issued because ACTAS didn’t investigate a serious bullying allegation. Mr Corbell should hang his head in shame,” Mr Smyth said.

“After claims of bullying were brought to the Minister’s attention last year, a ‘culture review’ was announced. However, we’ve since learnt that no investigation is underway and we’re now starting to see the frightening results. Mr Corbell has simply failed in his duty of care after repeated warnings.

“I have called for it before and I’m disappointed to have to do it again. Simon Corbell must address bullying within the ESA. Unfortunately the results of Mr Corbell’s inaction are taking a toll on employees,” Mr Smyth concluded.