The latest ACT emergency department (ED) and elective surgery figures released this morning by Simon Corbell cannot be trusted. It comes as ACT Labor health data is being questioned by the Auditor-General following revelations data was altered and false results publicised, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson said today.

“It is not a coincidence today’s latest data, which is drawn from a bizarre, non-standard data testing period of 3 months and 27 days, is released on the morning of Health Estimates committee hearings. I don’t trust the data,” Mr Hanson said.

“Just two months ago I uncovered ED data that had been altered, which resulted in misleading results being given to the public. As a result, preliminary investigations are underway by the Auditor-General. Until findings are made we cannot trust what the government claims about health data.

“The data released today is from a handpicked time period 1 March to 27 June; however we are still waiting for the regular March quarterly report, which should have been released. Where is that data?

“Mr Corbell is running an adhoc release of health performance figures. It reminds me of the chaos when 12,000 records were deliberately manipulated to fabricate results in 2012.

“Finally, Simon Corbell is wrong to claim elective surgery list improvements. More people are waiting for surgery today than four years ago. That cannot be disputed. In June 2012 there were 3996 people on the waiting list, this month there are 4273.

“Simon Corbell and ACT Labor have terrible form on health reporting and the data cannot be trusted. If the government cannot present its health data properly, what hope does it have of fixing the health system it has run down,” Mr Hanson concluded.