CPO confirms Canberra Liberals’ fears on bikie gangs

Chief Police Officer Justine Saunders has confirmed the rising threat from Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, restating the need to protect the community with tough laws similar to other jurisdictions, Shadow Attorney-General said.

In an interview on ABC Breakfast this morning, Chief Police Officer Saunders said bikie gangs was the one issue that keeps her up at night and that Canberra now has 3 – 4 gangs operating in the Territory.

CPO Saunders also inferred that without preventative powers for police, bikie violence will only increase.

“When we first called for these laws, Canberra only had one outlaw bikie gang,” Mr Hanson said.

“Now we have more gangs than ever, and innocent people are getting caught up in the violence, something we have seen demonstrated with machine guns and fire bombs being used in our suburbs.

“This is incredibly frustrating. For years we have been warning of the dangers, and calling for preventative laws. Last year we presented anti-consorting laws that were checked as being human rights compliant. But at every stage, Labor and the Greens have blocked the passing of these laws.

“I share the concerns of the Chief Police Officer. This is a real threat and without these laws, it will get worse. With the raids in other states, it’s blindingly obvious that illegal gangs will move to places where preventative laws do not exist – right here. I am sick of Canberra being a soft target for these groups.

“I put the government on notice – without these laws, it is just a matter of time before someone is maimed or killed, and the blame will rest squarely on the government for its disgraceful refusal to protect our community with laws other states have to protect them,” Mr Hanson concluded.