Crises in ACT schools go ignored

Violence in schools, slipping academic outcomes and overcrowded classrooms continue to go overlooked by Education Minister Yvette Berry, acting education spokesman Andrew Wall said.
Not only has it taken the ACT Government more than two years to develop The Future of Education Strategy and release the first implementation phase, but the strategy has fundamentally failed to address ongoing crises in the education system.
“There are critical failings in our schools that Ms Berry seems blind to,” Mr Wall said.
“ACT schools have the worst rate of violence against students, teachers and principals in the nation.
“Too many students are too scared to go to school because they don’t feel safe.
“Our academic results continue to fall.
“We have too many overcrowded schools, and many others in desperate need of urgent maintenance.
“If it has taken the Minister years to release phase one of her Future of Education strategy, how can anyone have confidence that this expensive exercise will lead to measurable results in the foreseeable future.
“After 18 years of ACT Labor, their record in education is a very sorry one,” Mr Wall said.