Dark and derelict streets make Canberrans feel unsafe

Labor’s dark and derelict public places make many Canberrans feel unsafe, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder said.
Broken streetlights, dark parks and alleys, neglected streets and vandalised buildings add to perceptions of danger and are making many people feel unsafe in public at night.
“Canberra at night is like walking through the woods of Narnia,” Ms Lawder said.
“Too many people just don’t feel safe walking in dark and derelict public spaces. They feel that they could easily become victims of crime.
“Andrew Barr’s distracted and ego-driven government has neglected basic urban services. Dark and derelict streets are now the status quo in many areas across Canberra.
“Canberra should be a place where people feel safe and confident when they’re out in their communities,” Ms Lawder said.