Delayed response to safety concerns at Mount Taylor

It will be more than a year since the Legislative Assembly backed my calls for better safety measures at Mount Taylor carpark before we are likely to see any improvements, Liberal Member for Brindabella Mark Parton said.
Last year, Mr Parton gained the Assembly’s support to make the government improve safety conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists accessing Mount Taylor.
He called for visible and safe entry and exit points to the Mount Taylor carpark, safe crossings for pedestrians, footpaths, lighting, bins, improved signage and an investigation into a dedicated bike lane on Sulwood Drive.
“The government has well and truly dragged its feet to address safety concerns in this area,” Mr Parton said.
“Since the passing of my motion, I’ve witnessed a dozen near misses in that Sulwood Drive ‘carpark’ area which could easily have resulted in death or serious injury.
“Mount Taylor is an incredibly popular destination for thousands of local residents and visitors.
“Cyclists and walkers are drawn to the area for its beauty and recreational assets. For years, my wife and I have regularly walked Mount Taylor to enjoy its spectacular views.
“But the poor safety conditions can’t go unnoticed. The hazardous entry and exits points to the carpark has presented a growing safety challenge for thousands of people who frequent the area.
“I was pleased that the Assembly supported my calls to address the safety concerns last year, but I have been disappointed at the time the government has taken to deliver on its word.
“While the safety of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists accessing Mount Taylor hasn’t been a priority for the government, I am glad that there is now a budget commitment for improvements,” Mr Parton concluded.