Don’t plan your weekend around the bus


Transport Minister Chris Steel has arrogantly refused to tell Canberrans which bus services will be cancelled this weekend.
Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch asked Mr Steel in Question Time today whether he would publish a list of weekend bus services that would not be operating as scheduled.
Mr Steel refused, instead instructing Canberrans to check the NXTBUS app 90 minutes before their journey.
“Mr Steel is effectively telling Canberrans to not rely on bus services for their weekend plans,” Miss Burch said.
“If Mr Steel won’t offer free weekend travel to compensate for major disruptions, then the least he could do is give Canberrans warning so they can plan their weekend.
“Canberrans are sick and tired of waiting around for buses that never show up. I think most people who rely on weekend bus services would find Mr Steel’s indifference pretty disrespectful,” Miss Burch said.
Recent government figures revealed there were 2,482 weekend service failures since the overhaul of the bus network.