ACT Shadow Minister for Urban Services, Steve Doszpot is calling on the Canberra community to share their experiences or concerns with dangerous dogs. Mr Doszpot said this issue is of serious concern to many Canberra residents and he is urging the community to contact his office with any information or ideas that could help stop future dog attacks.

“Over the last two days there have been a number media reports that dangerous dogs were reported to the ACT Government, however no action was taken until a member of the public was seriously injured,” Mr Doszpot said today.

“In light of these reports the Minister has raised the possibility of amending the legislation and tightening the restrictions on dangerous dogs.

“The Canberra Liberals support an examination of the effectiveness of the legislation but we are also concerned about how the current legislation is being enforced.

“We need the community’s help so the sorts of attacks we are hearing about don’t happen in the future.

“I encourage the public to contact my office with their experience of dog attacks in Canberra: what happened, how they dealt with it, and what was the result. This includes those who have been attacked and also those whose dogs have been the subject of complaints,” Mr Doszpot concluded.

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Phone: 6205 0131