Dunne calls for greater transparency in health administration


Planning to extend the life of Canberra’s dying hospital infrastructure should be open to public scrutiny, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
Mrs Dunne is calling on the ACT Government to be more transparent and accountable in its planning for the restoration of Canberra’s health infrastructure.
“There is very little transparency and accountability around the public administration of health in the ACT,” Mrs Dunne said.
“We largely rely on freedom of information requests and anonymous tipoffs to gain a reliable reading of where things are at because everything is so secret with this government.
“We know that the latest tranche of health funding is a drop in the ocean of what is ultimately required to extend the life Canberra’s ailing hospitals.
“The reason we know this is because multiple documents obtained by the Canberra Liberals under freedom of information laws have shown Canberra’s hospital infrastructure is at the end of its life, and reparations will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
“There are hundreds of extreme and high hospital infrastructure risks that the government has known about for years and has tried but failed to keep secret.
“Canberrans are now faced with monumental cost blowouts thanks to the incompetent management of critical hospital infrastructure by successive Labor governments.
“A little more transparency and accountability could go a long way to ensuring value for taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” Mrs Dunne said.