ED Waiting Times Flat Line

ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson said today that the emergency department waiting times over the past three months have declined, which again demonstrates that nothing has improved in emergency department waiting times since the data altering scandal last year.

“Overall, only 50 per cent of patients were seen on time. For urgent patients the number seen on time has again deteriorated to an all time low of 41 per cent,” said Mr Hanson.

“These results are unacceptable and are clearly affected by the scandal that we saw last year, where emergency department results were being fabricated on a massive scale over a number of years.

“As a result, the resources that needed to be put into our emergency department haven’t been delivered. For the past seven years, Katy Gallagher has promised Canberrans that she will improve the ACT’s health system, and for the past seven years we continue to see our emergency department waiting times getting worse.

“I again call for a full performance audit of our emergency departments by the Auditor-General before it gets worse,” concluded Mr Hanson.