Estimates Report Calls For Budget Not To Be Passed

The final Estimates Report tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly today, recommends that the ‘Budget not be passed because of its lack of delivery, high levels of deficit and deceitful plan to massively increase commercials and residential rates,’ according to ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson.

“The Estimates Committee which comprised of two Canberra Liberal Members and two ACT Labor Members, produced a report that recommends the 2013-14 Budget not be passed by the Assembly,” Mr Hanson said today.

“The most misleading aspect of the Budget is the increase in rates. Throughout the 2012 Election both Andrew Barr and Katy Gallagher denied that rates would triple, however what this Budget tells us is that in 11 years time rates will do just that.

“Canberrans will be the ones who will feel the brunt of this Budget. There will be a hike in the cost of living, cuts to important services and job cuts to fund the Green\Labor Government’s pet projects such as light rail and the City to the Lake plan.

“Given the report’s recommendations it would be negligent to proceed with this Budget. The Government Members of the committee had every opportunity to stop this report, they did not do so. This is now the official recommendation of the Assembly,” Mr Hanson concluded.