Everyone Pays For Light Rail Whether You Use It Or Not

ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe has revealed that every household in Canberra will pay $4,419 for the construction of the Green/Labor light rail project.

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics census data and the ACT Government’s figure of $614 million for the construction of light rail, each area of Canberra will pay the following:

  • Belconnen: $163,240,533
  • Gungahlin: $77,475,401
  • Inner North: $95,358,418
  • Inner South: $52,314,565
  • Weston Creek: $42,451,730
  • Woden: $38,717,816
  • Tuggeranong: $144,893,538

“The cost of the project is an extraordinary amount, especially given most Canberrans will not use the service,” Mr Coe said today.

“The Government’s own patronage projections show that only 4,500 people will use light rail in the morning peak.

“I question the Government’s integrity for signing up to such a big infrastructure project when not even Shane Rattenbury, a member of the Light Rail Sub-Committee of Cabinet, has seen the cost benefit analysis.

“It is up to the Government to publish all the information which they have used to make their decision to spend $614 million of taxpayers’ money,” Mr Coe concluded.