Today the Opposition is releasing a paper canvassing alternative options to the Barr government’s proposed light rail on the Northbourne Avenue corridor, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“The purpose of this options paper is to show that the transport debate should not be light rail or nothing. There are other infrastructure options using the existing bus network, that can improve public and private transport on Northbourne Avenue,” Mr Coe said.

“The following options have been formulated based on ideas provided by the community:

Option 1 – Moving the cycle lane into the Northbourne Avenue median strip, with the construction of bus priority measures along Northbourne Avenue.

Option 2 – Building a bus lane in the Northbourne Avenue median, with the cycle lane remaining as is. The bus lane would be one-way, and would transport people into the City in the morning and away from the City in the afternoon.

Option 3 – Building a bus lane in the Northbourne Avenue median with cycle lanes built on both sides of this bus lane.

“Options 2 and 3 will save bus users 10 minutes at peak time and deliver a faster service than light rail at a fraction of the cost.

“These options will be further explored by the Opposition, along with ideas to improve the operation of the bus network. I encourage Canberrans to comment on these ideas,” Mr Coe concluded.