Extent Of Faulty Defibrillators Revealed

Simon Corbell has failed to act on safety issues raised over MRx defibrillators fitted across the ACT Ambulance fleet. The ACT Labor government has confirmed to the Canberra Liberals that further failures in the equipment were detected after Simon Corbell was called on to fix the problems, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brendan Smyth said today.

“We’ve now learnt further of the potentially life threatening failures of these MRx defibrillators, including that the problems continued after the Canberra Liberals raised the issue in October last year. There have been failures related to sending essential data as well as inaccurate blood pressure readings,” Mr Smyth said.

“Since July 2013, the government has finally revealed that there have been:

  • 16 incidents involving difficulties with transmission procedures.
  • 10 incidents involving Bluetooth pairings not achieved between cardiac monitor/defibrillators and a mobile phone with transmits the ECG.
  • 18 incidents where inaccurate Non Invasive Blood Pressure Readings have been observed.
  • One incident of a battery not charging.

“Making matters worse Simon Corbell revealed there had been a reported failure on October 31 2013, just days after the Canberra Liberals raised the issue in the Assembly.

“Simon Corbell maintains the safety of no patient has been compromised, but why have ambulance officers been forced to keep using this dodgy equipment? Do we have to wait for a tragedy to force the government’s hand?” Mr Smyth concluded.