Focus needed to prevent Lower Cotter Catchment failure

The Lower Cotter Catchment (LCC) is exposed to significant risks because of a lack of coordination in government according to the Auditor-General’s report released on the restoration of the LCC. Those risks could lead to a catastrophic failure of the water catchment, Shadow Minister for Environment Nicole Lawder said today.

“Protecting the ACT’s water security should be of paramount importance. The Auditor-General’s report contains twelve recommendations, three of which are of high priority, aimed at integrating the management of the LCC and accelerating the implementation of the Strategic Management Plan to protect the catchment, which supports the enlarged Cotter Dam,” Ms Lawder said.

“The report also highlights three areas of pine plantation that have been deliberately unmanaged and now present a fire risk according to the Auditor-General.

“The lessons of the 2003 bushfires were painful and in many cases tragic for Canberrans. We do not want to lose sight of those lessons. This report highlights that proper management is needed to reduce the risks.

“While the Auditor-General has identified significant achievements that have been made in some areas, there is still much to be done to protect our water security. The government cannot lose focus in this area,” Ms Lawder concluded.