FOY contract termination welcomed but still unanswered questions

The ACT government’s announcement to terminate a commercial land contract with the FOY group if the group did not settle its purchase debt immediately is welcome even if it is long overdue, Shadow Minister for the Environment Elizabeth Lee said today.

“The government has stalled on this issue for too long,” Ms Lee said.

“Following wide public criticism about the company’s proposal to build an untested waste to fuel facility on the site in Hume, the government established an Independent Panel to assess the environmental and health risks.

“That panel rejected the proposal in May.

“At the time I asked the Environment Minister to rule out the project, which to date he has not done.

“I made repeated calls for the matter to be concluded, through the Estimates process and also by putting Questions on Notice.

“In June the government said in an answer to a Question on Notice that settlement had been completed in late June. Only a few days later Minister Berry was forced to withdraw that claim as it was incorrect, and there has been no further word until yesterday.

“I welcome this development but many issues remain unanswered including what penalties the government will apply to the non-completion; what the overall cost has been to the ACT taxpayer for such things as remediation and when residents in the area will learn the status of the land.

“In any event, I congratulate the local residents who kept pressure on the government over this issue,” Ms Lee concluded.