Free weekend travel until bus services are guaranteed


Canberra commuters relying on weekend bus services should travel for free until driver shortages and weekend service cancellations are resolved, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
There have been 2,482 weekend service failures reported since the overhaul of the bus network, according to a response to a question on notice.
“The Labor-Greens Government promised more weekend services under the new network,” Miss Burch said.
“Instead, people relying on public transport over the weekend have been forced to wait for long periods, sometimes well over an hour, for their bus.
“Adding insult to injury, passengers are often not notified of service cancellations. It’s unfair to expect people to pay for a service that may or may not show up.
“More weekend services was one of the few benefits to come out of the new network. But like the rest of the network, weekend services are in chaos and the Government has been unable to deliver.
“Weekend bus users should travel free until the Labor-Greens Government can guarantee reliable weekend services,” Miss Burch said.