From the Assembly

In addition to the events on the Hill, the following has happened in local politics.


Committee inquiry into eligibility of persons seeking to fill a casual vacancy

Last week, the Legislative Assembly unanimously agreed to look into the process into determining the eligibility of a person seeking to fill a causal vacancy. The decision came after it was discovered then-Chief Minister Katy Gallagher misled the Assembly by claiming in a statutory declaration that she was not a foreign citizen.

The revelations this week regarding Senator Gallagher confirms why we must have an inquiry.

Questions need to be answered.


Concerned that Gungahlin schools are at capacity? Sign the petition

Many families are being turned away from local schools with parents being told to enrol their children elsewhere.

The 2016 Census data showed Gungahlin was the second-fastest growing region in Australia, however there has not been an appropriate level of investment by the ACT Government in school infrastructure to meet new population demands.

The Canberra Liberals recognise that there are insufficient places available in local schools, and through this petition are calling for action from the ACT Government to address the shortage for the benefit of the Gungahlin community. Please sign the petition.


Closing the election spending loophole

ACT Labor appears reluctant to close the election spending cap loophole. The purpose of an expenditure cap is to make election campaigns a level playing field; but during the 2016 election we saw third party campaigners using multiple corporate entities to circumvent expenditure caps.

Andrew Wall argued these actions are not in the spirit of an expenditure cap, and need to be addressed. The ball is in the Government’s court close the loophole.


ACT public schools slide backwards

A new study has revealed that Canberra was the only Australian jurisdiction to slip backwards in reading literacy. The study recorded a greater number of students below the proficiency standard than there was five years ago in the same test.

ACT public schools perform below similar schools in other jurisdictions despite expenditure on a per student basis for public schools being one of the highest in the country.