Full ambulance culture report needs to be released today

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brendan Smyth will call on ACT Labor and Minister Joy Burch to release the full report into the culture inside the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) in the Legislative Assembly this afternoon.

“The full report must be released. To release a sanitised version shows the government has not learnt and will not move on from the cultural problems which have plagued ACTAS for some time,” Mr Smyth said today.

“It’s been a long road to get so close to the report being released and Joy Burch needs to release it to clear the air. It took a year to get the government to agree with a review in the first place and the goalposts have continued to shift on its release date.

“The Canberra Times reported this morning about the leaked O2C report that the “ACT Ambulance culture is plagued by bullying, blame, distrust verging on paranoia, and poor, ad-hoc and erratic management…”

“It seems to be ridiculous that some in the media have the report, but the Minister won’t release the full report. Joy Burch, the time has come to release the report so we can fix the problems inside ACTAS and move on,” Mr Smyth concluded.