Full-time court needed to deal with domestic violence

The Canberra Liberals are calling for a single, dedicated court to deal with the ACT’s domestic violence cases to ensure consistency and higher expertise in the area, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Attorney General Jeremy Hanson said today.

“We need a dedicated magistrate to deal with family violence cases which we don’t have at the moment. That will pave the way for a more consistent approach to family violence cases,” Mr Hanson said.

“Numerous stakeholders have led calls for this approach which needs to consider full-time staff to attend with applications, breaches of orders, hearing contested matters, sentencing and other matters dealing with domestic violence.

“The feedback I’m getting from people at the front line of tackling domestic violence is that the current approach to dealing with family violence in the ACT Court system doesn’t ensure a dedicated magistrate. This is a situation which needs to be improved.

“This is a practical measure that will help victims who are suffering from domestic violence and I’ll be seeking the government’s support for the change this week in the Legislative Assembly,” Mr Hanson concluded.