Gallagher Dismisses Student Housing Stress As An Issue

Katy Gallagher has today shown she doesn’t understand the stress students living in the ACT are under as she dismissed homelessness and housing stress as an issue for students.

Shadow Minister for Higher Education Brendan Smyth today questioned Katy Gallagher on findings from Anglicare that 87 percent of students are suffering housing stress.

In June this year, organisations such as ACT Shelter, were noting that:

We’ve heard from a few sources there are students, mostly international students,who are sleeping around campuses at the universities in the 24-hour areas, like thecomputer labs and the libraries. (Canberra Times, 4/6/13)

And a survey by Anglicare found that:

87% of students living independently in Canberra are suffering housing stress,while almost a quarter have experienced some level of homelessness. (Canberra Times, 24/6/13)

“This demonstrates how far detached Katy Gallagher is from the serious issues affecting students. If she can’t even acknowledge there is a problem how could she think about fixing it,” Mr Smyth said today.

“To add insult to injury, during question time Katy Gallagher downplayed the issue and claimed she probably experienced the same hardship as a student.

“You would think Katy Gallagher would react with more empathy as the cost of living pressures placed not only students but many Canberrans, have significantly risen under her Government,” Mr Smyth concluded.