Gallagher Must Guarantee ACT Will Not Be Worse Off Under Gonski

In question time today Katy Gallagher refused to outline how much money the ACT would receive under Gonski funding and refused to guarantee that it wouldn’t be less than the amount the ACT currently receives. ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson said Katy Gallagher must immediately assure ACT parents that she will not accept a reduction in funding for ACT schools under Gonski.

“Katy Gallagher’s refusal to outline what offer is on the table under Gonski or guarantee that she will not accept a reduction in funding for ACT schools rings alarm bells that Gonski will be a bad deal for Canberra families,” Mr Hanson said.

“The Federal Budget papers reveal that national investment in school funding will decrease by $325 million over the forward estimates under Gonski, and we want to make sure that Canberra schools will not bear the brunt of these cuts.

“Federal Labor’s 2013-14 Budget will also see cuts to family tax payments, public service jobs and university funding all of which will severely affect Canberrans.

“I call on Katy Gallagher to guarantee she will not accept less money for ACT schools under Gonski and assure parents that she will not sell them out. Katy Gallagher must stand up for the ACT and to her Federal Labor colleagues,” Mr Hanson concluded.