Gallagher’s Broken Promises Budget

Just months after assuring the electorate that their jobs were safe and that all the election promises were costed without cuts, Canberra has found out that jobs will go, services will be suspended and $142 million will be cut from the budget to pay for promises Labor said were fully funded, said Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth.

“The election is only months old. The very first budget this new coalition government produces has exposed the hypocrisy and lack of honesty of their entire pitch to the Canberra people.

“We didn’t hear about having to save $142 million during the campaign – it was claimed all the promises were fully funded.

“We didn’t hear that the Light Rail program would cost jobs.

“We didn’t hear that the Greens Labor Agreement would mean cutting services.

“This is now the third election where the Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, has gone to the Canberra people and not told the truth. In 2004 she said there would be no school closures, and then shut 23. In 2008 she guaranteed all her health plans were on the table, but was secretly planning the biggest structural change in ACT health history. And in 2012, she promised everything was funded and no jobs would be lost.

“Now we have Public Service jobs being cut, fees and charges across the board being increased and parks and city services, ACTION buses, the Emergency Services Department as well as corrective services all being reviewed with the intention of cutting costs.

“It would appear that Canberra’s pain is all for Rattenbury’s gain. It is all about the Greens Labor Agreement and fulfilling that at any cost.

“I don’t accept for a minute this is solely or even mostly outside influences – it is a result of three things; not running their budget within their means, failing to diversify the economy and not telling the truth about their intentions.” Mr Smyth concluded.