Our members are our strength, our heritage and our future…
…their continued support and feedback is what makes our Party strong”

Please select the most appropriate membership level below and follow the prompts

Standard Memberships

Donor Memberships

Lifetime Membership

Interstate Memberships

Interstate Members will receive Canberra Liberals publications, as well as notice of Canberra Liberals events and functions, but do not receive the other membership rights of resident electors in the ACT.

If you would prefer to submit a paper copy of your membership application please click here to download a membership application form.

As a member of the Liberal Party you:

  • share, advocate and evolve a common set of political beliefs with fellow Liberal members;
  • work towards the election of Liberal Governments at Federal and Territory levels; and
  • contribute to the policy and direction of Liberal Governments, current and future.

As a member you can:

  • attend and participate in local branch meetings;
  • receive Party information and publications such as the Weekly Update;
  • participate in the setting of the policies of the Canberra Liberals;
  • vote and participate in meetings of the Divisional Council;
  • regularly meet and talk to Liberal Members of Parliament and the Legislative Assembly;
  • participate in the selection of candidates for election; and
  • nominate as a Liberal candidate for election.

Membership of the Canberra Liberals is open to:

  • Australian citizens 16 or older
  • Other persons eligible to vote in Australian elections (eg some British subjects)
  • Migrants who have applied for Australian citizenship
  • People living outside the ACT can join as Interstate Members with restricted voting rights
  • Members of other political parties cannot join. Former members of other political parties will be considered on a case by case basis. All applications are subject to approval by the Management Committee.


Members are automatically members of the Electorate Branch in the Federal electorate in which they live, the branches are:

  • Canberra Electorate Branch
  • Fenner Electorate Branch

As well you may join other branches of the Party, including:

  • Liberal Women’s Council
  • Young Liberal Movement
  • Various Interest Branches