Gifted and talent students ignored by Labor

Gifted and talented students in ACT schools are being ignored by the Labor Government, Liberal spokesman Mark Parton said.
According to evidence provided by the Gifted Families Support Group during Estimates hearings, the government shows little interest in identifying and supporting gifted and talented students in ACT schools.
“We cannot allow young talent to go to waste,” Mr Parton said.
“The ACT Government is failing to ensure gifted students have access to opportunities that complements and expands their capacity.
“This means a lot of young people are missing out on opportunities that students in other jurisdictions have access to.
“Gifted programs are offered at the discretion of schools with very little assistance or direction from the government.
“The government doesn’t track gifted students and offers little to no specialised training for teachers.
“We need to make sure all schools have identification protocols to make an assessment on which students qualify for gifted classes.
“The government needs to systematically identify and support talented students,” Mr Parton said.