Giulia Moves to Improve Playgrounds in the Territory

Playgrounds are vital to the life and development of communities across Canberra, according to Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones. Today Mrs Jones said some playgrounds are in urgent need of an upgrade and many need fences so that mums, dads and child carers can have a chance to relax whilst watching their children play.

“What these playgrounds need is a mother’s touch,” said Mrs Jones.

“Canberra has some wonderful playgrounds but not many that are fenced enough to give parents a real break.

“There are two playgrounds in Rivett that both suffer from neglect, aged equipment and peeling paint.

“The new ‘nappy valley’ of Canberra, Gungahlin, has only one small children’s park, which is situated between two busy roads with no fence and very little equipment.

“Canberra has many good children’s parks, but even the wonderful new playground at the Arboretum has no gates on the two openings of the perimeter fence which means carers are stressed about their children’s safety the whole time.

“It seems that parents have not been asked what is really needed. I think the Government is focussing on the city to the lake lifestyle pictures, but not on the lives of kids and parents in the suburbs. I think the Government could do better,” concluded Mrs Jones.