The Barr government could have saved volunteers, business owners and their employees working in West Deakin a whole lot of pain if it had undertaken some basic consultation before changing parking rules in the area. Now the government has moved to reverse the changes, but the whole saga is representative of the Barr government’s poor process, Member for Molonglo Steve Doszpot said today.

“Recently, two hour parking limits were imposed on spaces around in the precinct where motorists could previously park all day. The problem was however, that many of the people who work and volunteer in the precinct need to park all day,” Mr Doszpot said.

“After speaking with businesses and tenants in the area, it was pretty simple to determine that prior to the original changes; there weren’t problematic parking capacity issues. If only the government had conducted some consultation, it would have understood that.

“Volunteers at charities as well as employees and business operators were impacted by the shorter parking times to the point where some have considered moving out of the area.

“Now a compromise has been reached and the government has reverted much of the parking back to ‘all day’.

“All of this pain and inconvenience because the government failed to consult about parking. It’s not good enough and the attitude is typical of a government that needs to be changed,” Mr Doszpot concluded.