Government Forced To Back Down On Fast-track Planning Laws

Katy Gallagher has dumped Simon Corbell’s fast-track planning laws following sustained community anger, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe said today.

“This failed bill would have made Simon Corbell the town planner, architect and developer for any site in Canberra. It’s a bill which would have given Mr Corbell and Cabinet more power,” Mr Coe said.

“The process of implementing these laws was doomed from the beginning. Simon Corbell and Shane Rattenbury didn’t consult with Canberrans. Only through a ridiculously short committee hearing did the government reluctantly listen to the community who resoundingly rejected the legislation.

“This would have been a bad bill for Canberra. It’s a shame the government never listened to the community and what the people wanted. It’s yet another failure of Simon Corbell and Shane Rattenbury,” Mr Coe concluded.