Government Irresponsible About Light Rail

The document which the ACT Government is using as the basis of their decision to build light rail does not provide the substance required to justify the project, said ACT Shadow Minister for Transport, Alistair Coe.

“The Government’s decision making process for light rail has been irresponsible at best, negligent at worst,” said Mr Coe.

“The Government claims to have based its decision to construct light rail on a Concept Report produced last year.

“However, the Concept Report is very light on details and by no means comprehensive enough to justify spending ‘$700 – $860 million’ on light rail.

“The Government is treating the Concept Report as a ‘tick of approval’ for light rail.

“However, even the report’s assessment of light rail is ‘…there is no benefit or harm.’ (URS Australia, page 30)

“If the Government has based their decision to build light rail on this report, then taxpayers should be very concerned.

“The Government should release the scope of the report given to the authors and any other documents used to influence their decision to spend so much money on light rail,” concluded Mr Coe.