Resolving frequent power outages that have put Gungahlin residents in the dark for the past month should be a matter of urgency for the Chief Minister, member for Yerrabi James Milligan said today.

Concerned residents have bombarded Mr Milligan about the ongoing frequency and severity of power outages throughout Gungahlin. An outage on Friday left more than 3,000 residents in the dark and the cold.

“It appears that the ACT government remains intent on keeping Gungahlin residents in the dark over power outages,” Mr Milligan said.

“Though there has been a steady increase in the number of power failures, there has been little reassurance from the government on when this issue will be resolved.

“Canberrans have endured some of the coldest nights recorded for June in recent years. I am deeply concerned for the many young families who have contacted me out of fear for the health of their children because they could not warm their homes.

“Given the severity of Canberra’s winters, the government should view Gungahlin’s power outages as a matter of urgency,” Mr Milligan concluded.