The ACT Government must answer questions about the misuse of anaesthetic drugs raised by a recent ABC report, says Shadow Minister for Health, Vicki Dunne MLA.

“The revelation that anaesthetic drugs were being administered by staff not properly qualified to do so and in contravention of clinical guidelines is very alarming for the ACT community,” Mrs Dunne said today.

“The revelation that this had been going on for more than 15 years raises concerns about clinical practice at the Canberra Hospital.

“Today I have written to the Health Minister, Meegan Fitzharris, to ask a series of questions about the misuse of such dangerous drugs over such a lengthy period.”

Mrs Dunne said her letter asked:

 the genesis of the practice;

 who knew about the practice;

 the clinical guidelines supporting the practice;

 how it continued for so long;

 any known adverse outcomes as a result of the practice; and

 whether there are any plans to reinstate the practice.

“It’s time for answers and assurances that there are not similar breaches of clinical guidelines elsewhere in the hospital system,” said Mrs Dunne.