Government Must Investigate Doctor Claims Of Surgery List Manipulation

Today the Canberra Liberals will fight for an independent inquiry into doctors’ claims that elective surgery waiting lists are being manipulated to make data look better, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“The Government must immediately commit to investigate the serious claims made earlier this month that patients are being left to suffer on elective surgery waiting lists just so ACT Labor can improve its books,” Mr Hanson said.

“This sort of Government behaviour has been allowed to continue for too long and I will move a motion in the Assembly today calling on the Government to initiate an independent inquiry into the recent allegations that long term patients are being ignored while newer patients who are close to deadlines are effectively being pushed up the list.

“ACT Labor has a history of manipulating both elective surgery and emergency department waiting times and Canberrans deserve to know why they are being forced to wait lengthy periods for surgery.

“The Government must uphold its responsibility to put Canberrans first when it comes to health and if there is nothing to hide there’s no reason why the Government wouldn’t move to get an investigation underway,” Mr Hanson concluded.