Government response to bullying in the health system must be delivered at the next sitting

Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris must deliver the ACT Government’s official response to the Independent Review into Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services when the Assembly next sits, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
“The Review panel have done extraordinary work on a very hard job,” Mrs Dunne.

“The Canberra Liberals, peak health bodies and members of the media have all worked hard to help Canberra health workers who are forced to work in a toxic system. The Review panel affirmed our concerns for the wellbeing of patients and health workers.

“They have highlighted real and very serious issues that need an immediate response.

“Now it is time for the Health Minister and the ACT Government to set its excuses aside, and to start actioning these recommendations.

“It is not good enough for the ACT Government to put off its response for three months.

“By putting off a response for three months, the Health Minister is essentially saying bullying and harassment in the workplace is not a pressing issue for her government.

“The Government should have been working on its response six weeks ago when the interim report was handed down.

“I commend the Review panel for their hard work, and all participants for bravely sharing their stories.

“I remain concerned that victims of bullying, harassment and intimidation will be denied individual justice.
“These health workers, who have been bullied, still have unfinished business and deserve opportunities for reconciliation and closure,” Mrs Dunne concluded.