Government should act urgently: Housing wait time 788 days

Canberra’s public housing situation is dire with vulnerable people forced to wait more than two years on the Standard housing waiting list before accommodation becomes available. At the start of February the average wait time on the Standard housing list was 788 days, Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services Nicole Lawder said today.

“In the ACT, the homelessness rate is high, the waiting lists are long, house prices are exorbitant and the rental market is a heavy burden for low and moderate income earners. The ACT Labor government needs to address housing and homelessness as a matter of urgency,” Ms Lawder said.

“As vulnerable people are forced to wait for housing properties to become available they become heavily reliant on homelessness services. We have the second highest rate of homelessness of anywhere in the country in the ACT at 50 people per 10,000.

“In the ACT we have the highest average income of anywhere in the nation, but the ACT cannot use that as an excuse to neglect the people who actually are suffering on low incomes as a result of housing problems.

“Today in the Legislative Assembly I’ll be calling on the government to tell Canberrans what action it’s taking to address the ongoing housing and homelessness issues in Canberra.

“Andrew Barr cannot sweep these issues under the rug and he needs to commit to taking action to improve the lives of the most vulnerable Canberrans,” Ms Lawder concluded.