Government Should Advise Mr Fluffy Homeowners Directly

The ACT Labor government needs to be proactive and directly advise owners of Mr Fluffy properties through registered mail that their houses are affected, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“I’m calling on the government to make another effort to contact homeowners who may not yet know that their property is Mr Fluffy affected. The government needs to inform people who pay the rates on those properties by sending personal letters through registered mail. It’s been a mistake by the government to only address notices to householders. On top of that, it’s been four months since that happened,” Mr Hanson said.

“The government knows who pays rates on properties and should have that information readily available. It shouldn’t be too difficult for the government to carry out this assignment.

“If owners who may not know that their property is affected can’t be contacted through registered mail, the government will then need to find another avenue to contact them.

“I’m also calling on the government to provide affected homeowners and residents with the latest information on what action the government has taken and who they should contact for help through the newly announced taskforce. The government needs to establish direct contact with affected people, not just make announcements in the media.

“I again call on the government to provide immediate financial assistance for families who have been affected by this crisis. It’s not good enough to just provide a committee and point of contact.

“The government needs to take these next steps to make sure everyone who is affected actually knows about the ramifications of owning a Mr Fluffy home. The families are counting on the government,” Mr Hanson concluded.