Government should implement building reforms to protect Canberra homebuyers

The ACT government should implement building reforms to protect Canberra homebuyers, Shadow Planning Minister Mark Parton said.
In 2016, the government announced major reforms that would improve regulatory disciplines for Canberra’s building industry. The government said it would deliver 42 out of 43 proposals by the end of 2017, but so far, very few have been implemented.
Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly Mr Parton will call on the government to implement reforms it has already agreed to.
“When people buy a house, they are taking a leap of faith and putting many years’ worth of savings into their new home,” Mr Parton said.
“It would be soul destroying to take this step of faith, only to find that you have signed away your life savings for a defective, dodgy and in some instances unsafe building.
“Unfortunately it’s an all too common story for homebuyers in Canberra.
“I think the government’s failure to implement reforms it agreed to years ago is a breach of faith with everyone who enters the market.
“I’m sick of the talk from the government. We’d all like to see action.
“For most people, buying a home is a once in a lifetime event and so it’s quite important that the government puts measures in place to protect homebuyers,” Mr Parton concluded.