A carpark outside a liquor store in upper Tillyard Drive, Charnwood, has had a facelift worth more than half-a-million dollars.


‘There is nothing more than a liquor store in the Charnwood local shops precinct’, said Member for Ginninderra, Vicki Dunne MLA.  ‘The only other facility there is a former childcare centre, which is closed.’


‘And yet it now boasts new signage, bike racks, bins, seating, drinking fountain, seating walls, upgraded pavements, parking and paths, as well as new trees and shrubs. But the sign, costing $10,000, had to be removed because it was impeding traffic sightlines.


‘There is a serious inequity here’, said Mrs Dunne.  ‘Money being spent on other much larger and more diverse shopping centres such as Florey and Evatt combined don’t count for half the Tillyard Drive budget. In fact, in the case of Evatt, there was great front-page trumpeting during the 2012 election campaign promising an upgrade to the shopping centre, but, four years later, still nothing has happened other than creating a budget of $120,000.


“The whole project reeks of base incompetence.


‘In an answer to a question on notice, trying to justify the expenditure, Minister Rattenbury said the childcare centre will be re-opened,’ Mrs Dunne said, ‘but Chief Minister Andrew Barr, in answer to another question on notice said the government has made no decision on the future of the childcare centre and there are no immediate refurbishment works planned for it.’


‘When we’ve got this lack of co-ordination in Cabinet and an inability to prioritise expenditure, what can we expect when the government wants to spend $1 billion on a tram?’ Mrs Dunne asked.