Government still hiding information about speed cameras

Today the Canberra Liberals will again ask the ACT Labor government to release a report into speed cameras in the ACT. The government received the report in June last year and has refused to release it, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“After ongoing problems with speed cameras in the ACT, the government commissioned the University of New South Wales to conduct an evaluation of the ACT road safety camera program. It cost more than $160,000,” Mr Coe said.

“The Justice and Community Safety Directorate (JACS) has refused to release the report under Freedom of Information legislation, claiming that the report will be presented to the Legislative Assembly. However, the government keeps putting off presenting the report.

“Today I will again ask the government why the report has not been released and ask them again to release it.

“The long delay in releasing the report suggests that the government is trying to hide negative findings. It cost ACT taxpayers $163,924 and it is important that the community can see the report’s findings.

“The public has a right to know how speed cameras are performing, particularly when the public paid for the findings. It’s high time the report was released,” Mr Coe concluded.