The Barr government is urged to come clean after a Freedom of Information request to investigate the cause of ongoing stench in some Tuggeranong suburbs was denied, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Nicole Lawder said today.
The FOI request was to investigate the cause of putrid odour, believed to be coming from the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre, and to determine the measures being taken to mitigate the smell.
“I have questioned the government on the issue for more than three years and they still have not come clean as to where the stench is coming from. Now, four months after I submitted a FOI request to get to the bottom of the matter it has been refused.
“Residents in my electorate are not happy that the government is not prioritising the matter. I have been trying to get answers through my FOI request and now it appears they are blocking that avenue too,” Ms Lawder said.
“Suggestions for more comprehensive tests to identify the cause of the odour also appear to have been rejected.”