The greyhound racing industry’s transition report should have been made public more than three weeks ago. The government is urged to publicly release the report immediately, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Mark Parton said today.

The ACT government appointed former ACT Health Services Commissioner Mary Durkin to provide a report on the approach to the transition of the greyhound industry in March this year. The terms of reference required the report to be completed by May 1, 2017.

“It is extremely reasonable to believe that the government has had this report for at least three weeks as specified in the timeline within the terms of reference,” Mr Parton said.

“Given the level of community interest in greyhound racing and that the government plans to begin its transition of defunding the industry from July 1, this report should be made public immediately.

“For a Minister that lauds himself on acting according to community values, I find it ironic that Minister Ramsay has not allowed the community to view the report much less take part in the discussion.

“This is another example of government treating the greyhound racing industry with contempt, persistently shutting them out of the conversation.

“I call on the Minister to make the report public and to engage the industry in these discussions,” Mr Parton said.