Greater access to life-saving equipment needed

More defibrillators should be publicly accessible to help improve the survival rate of people going into cardiac arrest, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
Today on International Restart a Heart Day, Mrs Dunne will join St John Ambulance’s Crowd sourcing HELP initiative to raise awareness and generate support for the life-saving equipment.
“Only seven per cent of people in Canberra who suffer a cardiac arrest survive,” Mrs Dunne said.
“This is a very weak survival rate in a privileged society like ours.
“The Canberra Liberals believe we can improve people’s chance of survival with life-saving equipment. That’s why we promised to roll out 24 new defibrillators across the city at the last election.
“There is definitely a need for greater awareness. People need to know where they can access defibrillators in public locations.
“Thanks to a free St John Ambulance First Responder smartphone app, it will be easier for Canberrans to locate defibrillators.
“When people use the app, they will automatically be located by the Emergency Operations Centre to ensure a fast ambulance response time.
“This is a life-saving initiative by St John Ambulance (ACT) and I hope people will get behind them to help promote and distribute this technology.
“I hope that the government supports the initiative and that they will help to roll out more defibrillators. We really need more of them around town to help improve people’s chance of survival,” Mrs Dunne concluded.
What: St John Ambulance’s crowd sourcing HELP initiative
When: 11am – 2pm on October 16, 2018
Where: City Walk (Garema Place corner), Civic
Mrs Dunne will be available for interview on request.